Creativities will:

Home and Office Design Services

Living Room by CreativitesIn today’s fast paced society, we need, more than ever, calm and serene homes for our families as well as stress free environments in which to work. Let Debbie Gersh, Owner, help make your home a perfect retreat and your office more efficient.

Interior Makeovers

Debbie can rearrange your furniture, art and accessories. In just a few hours, give your home a brand new look as you maximize your home’s potential for a minimum cost.

Design Services

From selecting new paint colors to creating a floor plan, Debbie will help you meet your design goals as effortlessly as possible.

Renovation Services

Debbie can help manage and oversee a renovation. From space planning to finish selections to working with contractors, Debbie will work to ensure the successful completion of your project.

Move-in Design

Your family will soon feel at home. Debbie can assist with your move, help unpack, arrange your furnishings and make your new house an old friend.

Real Estate Staging

First impressions make lasting impressions. Your home will be at its best when placed on the market.